Burn Fat Eating The Fatty Foods You Love! Thats KETO!!!
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Who Is The 30-DAYS OF KETO For?
The 30 Days of KETO is designed for weight loss seekers that love fatty foods and want to....
 - lose the weight fast (NOT JUST A LITTLE WEIGHT
 - and want a program that is easy to follow and stick to so you can 
 - make that permanent weight loss transformation you've been looking for!
If this doesn't sound like you then this program IS NOT for you!
Small Easy Workouts, YouCan Fit In Anywhere
So you can spend less time cooking and exercising, and more time doing the things you love.
So Much More Energy 
Be a better YOU. Perform better at work and keep up with your busy life!! 
Eat the Foods You Love
There is a recipe for almost every one of your guilty pleasures included in this program.
Perfect for The Beginner
Easy to follow QUICK ATTAINABLE GOALS all laid out for you. We take all the guesswork out of it!
How Can Eating More Fat Be The Key To Achieving The Body Of Your Dreams?
My Name is Chris Wherrell, and I’ve always had a passion for fitness.
My wife and I started a fitness business over 10 years ago helping individuals lose weight through personal training. After much success in one location we franchised our business to help as many people as possible.  
We understand the challenges of life: raising children, climbing the corporate ladder, providing financial security for your family, becoming a community leader, and many other non-selfish endeavors, which leaves less time to help yourself.
Daily life should not stop your personal fitness goals.  And that's why I love the Keto diet so much. 
My quest to become the expert was challenging, but now I UNDERSTAND.
I have become a better trainer and a better person because I have been there.

If You Know Me...
You know I'm always looking for easy ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle that allow me to balance my jobs as both a trainer and a father of three.
And if you follow me on social media, you'll know that over the past couple years I've been a pretty big fan of the Ketogenic diet. 
My clients have excelled on the Keto lifestyle. The more success my clients received the more excited I was to share their journey.
Ever since I implemented it into my life, I've been able to easily maintain my weight and stay lean despite my hectic travel schedule and responsibilities as a husband and dad.
The ketogenic diet has also been shown to improve not only cognitive function and mental clarity, but also minimize complications resulting from:
 High Cholesterol (1*)
 Diabetes (2)
  Epilepsy (3)
  Parkinson's (4)
  Alzheimer's (4)
  And even cancer! (5)
*See scientific references at bottom of page
I've had so many people reach out to me asking if they should get started with the Keto Lifestyle, and my expert recommendation on the best way to do it. 
But before we get into any details of how, I'd like to go into what exactly Keto is, because with all the information out there it can be a little difficult to separate fact from fiction...
What Is Keto? And How Does It Work?
The Ketogenic Diet is a high fat, moderate protein, and low carbohydrate diet.
Through the restriction of carbohydrates, it re-programs your metabolism to burn your fat stores for fuel rather than using the glycogen stored in your muscles.
The low-carb intake helps to keep your insulin and blood sugar levels from spiking.
This allows your fat cells to begin releasing fatty acids, which your liver will then breakdown to produce what are called "ketones."
Ketosis is the physiological state that is achieved when your body breaks down ketones for energy rather than the glucose from carbohydrates.
What Are The Benefits?
Studies have shown that keto has all kinds of health benefits, these are just a few...
As you can see, there are so many proven benefits of living the 
Keto Lifestyle...
Most People were extremely confused about Keto.
People were doing it COMPLETELY WRONG!
 Keto sites had popped up everywhere...
So many misinformed articles and “trainers” were teaching downright LIES.
These were lies that would at best give ZERO RESULTS, and at worst harm someone’s body.
I was tired of it...
I was tired of seeing so much confusing and even dangerous lies...
I knew it was time to show people the truth...
 It was time to simplify things for everyone...
 It was time to create just ONE effective, easy-to-follow program that would make every step into the Ketogenic lifestyle as simple as possible
Guess what? 
 It took off like a rocket and spread like wildfire. 
Since launching the program, there have been over 1,000 women and men who have made the life-changing decision to follow the program...
And now you can too.
The 30-Days of KETO Program
What's Inside The 30-Days of KETO?
An easy-to-follow program designed to teach you which foods to eat and which to avoid to get in and STAY IN ketosis. I've included everything you need to start burning fat for fuel...and MORE!
30-Days of KETO Meal Plan ($96 Value)
 An easy-to-follow, full 8-week meal plan including meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and treats! Tells you exactly what to eat and when to eat it!
 Includes 8-weeks of grocery lists with portion sizes adjusted for both men and women. All you have to do is go to the grocery store!
 Includes over 35 Keto recipes with portion sizes adjusted for both men and women
 Includes a full list of all the types of foods and beverages you should eat and which you should avoid to stay Keto!
 Detailed answers to common Keto questions including: what your macros should be, how to test your ketone levels, signs that you're in ketosis, how to stay keto on the go, keto-friendly alcohol options, and MORE!

Keto Food List ($27 Value)
 Comprehensive list of keto foods: meats, veggies, fruits, beverages, fats, oils, dairy, and nuts!
 Includes over 80 items so you'll never have to wonder what to look for at the grocery store.
 Plenty of options so you can create hundreds of delicious recipes of your own!
Keto Challenge Workouts ($500 Value)
 8 weeks of fat-burning workouts designed to maximize your fat loss. Can be done at the gym or at home, regardless of your current fitness level!
 Includes bodyweight workouts, weight training, hiit training, and tabata workouts that take less than an hour to complete!
  Lays out exactly what to do and how to track your progress so you can improve every week!
  Includes graphic examples of each workout. As shown below:
FREE BONUS #1: Keto - Friendly Restaurant Guide ($27 Value)
 When you pick up the Keto Jumpstart today, you'll also receive a copy of my Keto-Friendly Restaurant Guide FREE of charge
 If you find yourself on the go, or just simply want to snack at your favorite restaurant, this guide is a must have. You'll learn exactly how and what to order to maintain your new Keto lifestyle
  Includes delicious Keto-friendly options for 25 of your favorite restaurants, including: IHOP, Chick Fil A, In N Out Burger, Domino's, & more!
FREE BONUS #2: "Keeping It Keto" Facebook Community
 When you pick up the Keto Jumpstart today, you'll receive access to a Facebook community where you'll get direct access to me and my team of coaches!
 Accountability and support from me, my team of coaches, and your fellow Keto Jumpstarters!
 Share your progress, ideas, and encouragement with the community and reach your goals as a team!
100% Money Back Guarantee
It will definitely take some dedication, but if you stick with it, I am so confident that you will see the results you are looking for - just like so many others before you - that I'm willing to let you try out the program for the full 30 days risk-FREE! If you aren't completely satisfied with how far you've come, contact me by email within 60 days and I will refund you 100%!

This 30-Days of Keto program has helped thousands lose weight and achieve not only their fitness goals, but their life goals as well...
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No Hidden Fees. No Contract. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!
"I'm so happy with my results! Following the plan was easy and very rewarding. I feel like it's a lifestyle now, not just some diet.
Ashley Ling
"Losing weight does not even compare to what I've gained-- more self-control over my eating habits...more muscle mass and strength to push through my heavy lifting workouts...and most importantly more hormonal balance..."
Michelle Reyes
"I expected it to go just as all other diets have, but it was unlike any other. It brought challenges I've never experienced, and results I could never imagined, in just 60 days."
Anthony Valeriano
I Know What You Must Be Thinking...
 "This is probably just another one of those fad diets, isn't it?"...
 No way! In fact, people have been using Keto for its many health benefits since the 1920s! (9)
 Not only is it used for all the benefits listed above (and MORE!), but it’s also used to minimize complications resulting from: Epilepsy, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and even cancer! (4,5)
 Keto is popular for a reason, and that's because it's not just a diet, it's a healthy lifestyle change that literally changes you from the inside out!
 "Isn't Keto just another name for the Atkins Diet?"...
 Not at all! This is a common misconception. The Atkins diet is simply low carb, whereas Keto is low carb and high fat. Just lowering your carb intake alone will not get you into nutritional Ketosis. It is the increase in fat consumption that switches your body’s fuel source from glucose to fats.
 "I've tried so many other diets before, will this work for me and my crazy schedule?"...
 Absolutely! I've had so many people who have bounced around from diet to diet to the point that they've almost lost hope, but once they try my program they see incredible results and fall in love with the Keto lifestyle!
 Once you get started, you'll find yourself more well-rested, energetic, and due to the high concentration of healthy fats, you'll stay fuller longer, which will save you time and money! 
 It's time to break the cycle, here and now! If you try out the Keto Jumpstart and stick it out to the end, I promise you'll see the results you're looking for!
 "Isn't eating all that fat bad for me? Won't it negatively affect my cholesterol?"...
 No way! This is another common misconception. Low-carb ketogenic diets have been shown to result in higher HDL or "good" cholesterol levels and lower LDL or "bad" cholesterol levels. (1)
 When it comes to being unhealthy, it's high carb diets that are the real culprit. Due to Keto's low carb content, insulin levels are kept steady which has been shown to decrease risk and even reverse symptoms of type 2 diabetes! (2)
 "How am I going to stick with it? What if I fall off the wagon?"...
 I can't put in the work for you, but I designed this program with the Keto "Beginner" in mind. Inside the 30-Days of Keto, you'll find several helpful tips to help you get back on track and maintain your new healthy lifestyle if you ever slip up or hit one of those pesky plateaus.
 Remember, LIFE HAPPENS. We're all human and sometimes we slip up, and that's totally okay!
 "I have bad cravings. Will Keto help with that?"...
 Yes, the combination of high amounts of fat and cutting out dietary sugars will keep you satiated longer and help you conquer those pesky cravings for good. (10)
 "How will I stay Keto while eating out?"...
 A lot of people think that staying Keto while eating out is unrealistic, but it's actually quite simple! The Keto Jumpstart includes some of my favorite tips and Keto "hacks" to help you stay Keto wherever you go!
 You'll also find several Keto snack options to keep you satisfied (and Keto!) between meals!
 "Do I have to give up alcohol?"...
 Not at all! You'll have to switch things up a bit as far as what types of alcohol you drink, but the Keto Jumpstart includes a list of all the best Keto-friendly alcohol options, so you'll know exactly what to look for!
Are You Ready To Become A Fat Burning Machine?
One Time Charge of $37 - Lifetime Access!
No Hidden Fees. No Contract. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!
*Please keep in mind that results may vary from person to person.*
30-Days of KETO FAQ
 When I purchase The 30-Days of KETO, how will it be delivered to me?
   The 30-Days of Keto Program is a digital product that will be sent to you in PDF form. When you purchase the program, you will be able to access the 30-Days of Keto content from the Order Confirmation page. You will also be sent an email containing the access link to your Keto Jumpstart content. Once you click the access link, you will be able to view the content in your browser and you will have the option to download it to your computer.
 How does the Ketogenic Diet provide so many health benefits?
   By effectively switching your body’s fuel source from glucose to ketones (produced by the breakdown of fats), your blood sugar and insulin levels are reduced, and your good cholesterol (HDL) levels are increased. These factors, combined with the fact that fats are a much more efficient fuel source than glucose, are what give Keto the potential to increase energy levels, keep you fuller longer, kill cravings, increase mental clarity and focus, help you shed unwanted weight, improve digestion, clear up your skin, alleviate blood sugar irregularities, and MORE!
 Is Keto gluten free?
     Yes, due to the avoidance of carbohydrates that Keto calls for, it is 100% gluten free!
 What if I’m not a fan of some of the items in the meal plan?
    The Keto Food List has plenty of healthy, keto-friendly options that you can substitute in for those meals in the program you may not like.
 I’m worried that the 30-Days of KETO exercises may be too intense for me. Should I still try it out?
     The Keto workouts are designed so that just about anybody can do them, regardless of their current fitness level. You are encouraged to perform them at whatever intensity level is best for you. Just do your best and make sure to track your progress each week! We’ve even had participants not exercise during the duration of the program, and they still saw amazing results!
 I’m interested in trying out Keto, but I have an existing health condition. Is it safe?
     If you have type 1 diabetes, a kidney disease, or are pregnant/breast feeding, it is best to consult your healthcare provider before trying out Keto.
One Time Charge of $37 - Lifetime Access!
No Hidden Fees. No Contract. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!
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